Duke Dog Proof Coon Trap – Coon In Rusted Trap

Here is a great picture of a coon caught in a Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap. This coon was caught by Ty Woodall using our Coon Catcher Lure. If you notice in the picture the DP Coon Trap is rusted. Many people are used to dying and waxing their other traps and always ask us if they need to do it with the dog proof traps. Our response is you can but it is not necessary with a raccoon. As you can see with this coon he did not care about the rust on the trap !

FREE GOODS ! Now with every case of Duke Dog Proof Coon Traps you will receive a FREE bottle of Coon Catcher Lure and FREE DP Set Tool.

Customer Pictures: Our customers are welcome to send us any pictures they might have of catches using our Fleming Traps Lures. We will post them on our Facebook Page and Blog with your permission of course.

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