Coyote Trapping Kit – Standard

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Check out our new Coyote Trapping Kit. These trapping kits can be purchased as a standard or a deluxe.They can be a great gift or a starter kit for any trapper. This Coyote Trapping Kit includes the following.

FREE! Schrade Tough Tool & Hat With Purchase of Any Standard Trapping Kit! FREE ! Uncle Henry Knife and Hat With Purchase of Any Deluxe Trapping Kit !

Coyote Trapping Kit – Standard – $98.50
Coyote Trapping Kit Deluxe – $198.50

2 – #2 Coil Spring Trap
2 – #3 Coil Spring Trap
1 – Coyote Urine 16 oz.
1 – Coyote Lure #4 1 oz.
1 – K-9 All Call Lure 1 oz.
1 – Red Label Predator Bait 8 oz.
1 – Land Sets Book
1 – Trap Wax 1 lbs.
1 – Trap Dye Liquid
1 – Trap Tags
1 – Wood Sifter
1 – Hat

16″ Trappers Packbasket With Harness

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Here is a really nice wooden packbasket that works really well for a young trappper. We do recommend it for youth since is it only 16″. Works ok for an adult but you might want to go up to a 20″. Really great Christmas Gift Idea !!

These Wooden Packbaskets are crafted from top quality hard woods. They have built-in floors and come with adjustable harnesses and web handles.

The 16″ Packbasket is 16″ high and has a top opening of 12″ x 10″. This packbasket is ideal for youth trappers.

The 20″ Packbasket is 20″ high and has a top opening of 14″ x 10 1/2″. This is the most common size packbasket used by adults.

16″ Packbasket For Youth $38.50
20″ Packbasket for Adult $49.50

Fiber Tuff Trapper Pack With Lure Box

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Here is an awesome new product we just added. Great for packing your trapping equipment up for those long walks to your sets. What I really like about it is the lure box, so you dont have to worry about getting any lure on your other equipment. Easy to wash out with hole in bottom to drain.

Fiber-Tuff Packbaskets are made of fiberglass and are built for rugged trapping. These 18″ high packbaskets are especially good for beaver trappers as the extra width of the Fiber-Tuff allows for the carrying of #330s. The Fiber-Tuff comes ready to go with a harness and a Lure Box that is great for keeping your lures, baits and urines separate from your trapping equipment.

Fiber-Tuff Packbaskets are 18″ high and have top openings of 16 1/2″ x 13″. The pouch is ideal for holding lures, baits, etc. and is 11″ wide x 5″ deep x 4 1/2″ high.

Fiber Tuff Trapper Pack with Lure Box $75.00

Raccoon Trapping Using Duke Large Raccoon Trap

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Raccoon Bait

Well after two nights of baiting our Duke Large Raccoon Trap we have caught our Coon. We used our Bandit Bait Raccoon Bait in our trap by taking a stick and dipping it in the bait. We used about 1/2 to 1 oz. of the lure on the stick. We have videoed the release of the coon showing an easy way to open the door without having to get your hand near the door when he runs out. We hope you enjoy the video !

Bandit Bait Product Description:
Fleming Traps Bandit Bait is a thick, highly concentrated paste bait made from the coon’s favorite foods and ingredients. This tantalizing bait is irresistible all season long. This sweet smelling bait lasts for weeks at a set.

Bandit Bait is used by Fur Trappers and by government and private Animal Damage Control Specialists nationwide. This bait works great in cage traps, dirt hole and pocket sets. 6 oz. Jar.

Bandit Bait 6 oz. – $5.00
Coon Candy Lure 1 oz. – $4.85
Duke Large Raccoon Trap – $44.25