16″ Trappers Packbasket With Harness

Here is a really nice wooden packbasket that works really well for a young trappper. We do recommend it for youth since is it only 16″. Works ok for an adult but you might want to go up to a 20″. Really great Christmas Gift Idea !!

These Wooden Packbaskets are crafted from top quality hard woods. They have built-in floors and come with adjustable harnesses and web handles.

The 16″ Packbasket is 16″ high and has a top opening of 12″ x 10″. This packbasket is ideal for youth trappers.

The 20″ Packbasket is 20″ high and has a top opening of 14″ x 10 1/2″. This is the most common size packbasket used by adults.

16″ Packbasket For Youth $38.50
20″ Packbasket for Adult $49.50

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