Groundhog Trapping Tool – How To Video

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Ground Hog 3-in-1 Trapping Tool is a trowel, hammer and hoe all in one tool. Approximately 20″ long, weighs 3 pounds. All metal construction. This is the most useful trapping tool you can own. I personally use it myself. Perfect for digging trap beds, dirt holes and pounding in trap stakes. Unique feature allows you to dig a perfect dirt hole while removing the dirt with one twist of the tool. Awesome tool for your trapline.

Groundhog Trapping Tool $21.19

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Wild Fur Pelt Handling Guide by NAFA

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Here is a great Guide to Wild Fur Handling by North American Fur Auctions. Here is NAFA aution schedule from their website.

Last Receiving Dates

Last Receiving Dates
February Sale: LRD January 6, 2014
April/May Sale: LRD March 10, 2014
June/July Sale: LRD May 5, 2014

February 17 – 23, 2014 (On show Feb. 12 – 16)
April 28 – May 3, 2014 (On show April 23 – 27)
June 27 – July 2, 2014 (On show June 22-26)

Credit: NAFA – North American Fur Auctions. 2013.

Berkshire Disposable Stakes – How To Video

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Berkshire Disposable Stakes are excellent for all sizes and types of traps, including cage traps, snares, and is perfect for anchoring rodent bait boxes in place. Has no weld that can break, can be reused.

You can purchase just the stakes or you can purchase the stakes with a 15″ cable already attached. The standard stakes are great for normal soil conditions, the heavy duty are for hard ground or frozen ground and the softground stakes work best in real sandy or swampy conditions.

In the video demonstration below I use a Stake Driverto drive the stakes in the ground. This stake driver is highly recommended for the Berkshire Staking System.

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