Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Kits

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Fleming DP Camo - Deluxe

FREE! Uncle Henry Staglon Knife With Leather Sheath & Hat With Purchase of Any Deluxe Trapping Kit! Available in Brown or Camo Traps.

The Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Kit can be a great gift or a starter kit for any trapper. This DP Coon Trapping Kit includes the following.

12 – Fleming Dog Proof Coon Trap
12 – 3/8” x 18” Stakes
1 – Coon Catcher Lure 4 oz.
1 – Bandit Bait
1 – Black Label Coon Bait
1 – Coon Lure 4 oz.
1 – Dog Proof Set Tool
1 – Kneeling Pad
1 – Hat
1 – Uncle Henry Knife

Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Kit – Brown – Deluxe

Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping Kit – Camo – Deluxe

Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

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The Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap features a fully enclosed dog proof design with powerful double coil springs, a pull only trigger system, hand guard for setting the trap and a straight spade staking system.

The hand guard is designed to help you set the trap without using a set tool. The Dog Proof Trap Set Tool is also great to have in your trappers pack since the springs are very strong and if you set very many traps this will help.

The trap is fired when the raccoon reaches in for your bait, and instead grabs the trigger, firing the trap. The trigger can only be fired by the raccoon pulling on the trigger. A pull only trigger helps prevent unwanted catches or rodents accidentally firing the trigger. When baiting Dog Proof Coon Traps; apply the lure or bait to a cotton ball or sheep’s wool. Place below the trigger so the raccoon has to reach past the trigger to get the bait.

These dog proof traps are painted and come in the colors brown or camo. Since they are painted they do not need to be dyed or waxed to prevent rusting.

Recommended Baits & Lures:
Coon Candy Lure
Coon Catcher Lure
Bandit Bait
Black Label Coon Bait
Fish Oil & Crayfish Oil
– Marshmallows
– Watermelon, Corn & Bacon
– Cat or Dog Food

Order 6 or More Traps – FREE Bottle of Coon Catcher Lure
Order 12 or More Traps – FREE Bottle of Coon Catcher Lure and Set Tool

Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap – Brown
Fleming Dog Proof Raccoon Trap – Camo

New – JC Connor T-Bar Shock Springs

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Best designed shock spring on the market. The only one of its kind. Decreases the shock to the animal, minimizing foot and shoulder injury, and keeps the stake from being pumped out of the ground. Die cut T-Bar™ with 1/4″ hole to allow for easy hook-up.

Note: Swivels shown in Inline example are sold separately.

Click Here – T-Bar Shocks Springs $2.65 or $30.60 Per Dozen

Bridger Traps Now Available

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We are pleased to announce the Bridger line of traps is now available to order. Bridger offers a full line of traps that include coil spring traps, 4 coiled traps, offset traps, long spring traps, sure grip traps, body grips traps & dog proof raccoon traps. We will soon be doing some videos of these trap so you can see them up close.

Click Here For The Full Line Of Bridger Traps

Snares and Snaring Book by Raymond Thompson

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Written, edited and published by Raymond Thompson, this book details his experience and knowledge of snaring. These seventy pages, with many illustrations, describe what equipment to use and how to use it. Also includes information regarding habits of animals, sets to use adn how to set snares. Read about the history of Thompson Snares and how steel wire came into use in the snaring industry. 70 Pages. Paperback.

This is the best book you will ever find on snaring. I highly recommend it.

Snare and Snaring Book $ 14.80

Coyote Trapping Kit – Standard

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Check out our new Coyote Trapping Kit. These trapping kits can be purchased as a standard or a deluxe.They can be a great gift or a starter kit for any trapper. This Coyote Trapping Kit includes the following.

FREE! Schrade Tough Tool & Hat With Purchase of Any Standard Trapping Kit! FREE ! Uncle Henry Knife and Hat With Purchase of Any Deluxe Trapping Kit !

Coyote Trapping Kit – Standard – $98.50
Coyote Trapping Kit Deluxe – $198.50

2 – #2 Coil Spring Trap
2 – #3 Coil Spring Trap
1 – Coyote Urine 16 oz.
1 – Coyote Lure #4 1 oz.
1 – K-9 All Call Lure 1 oz.
1 – Red Label Predator Bait 8 oz.
1 – Land Sets Book
1 – Trap Wax 1 lbs.
1 – Trap Dye Liquid
1 – Trap Tags
1 – Wood Sifter
1 – Hat