Local Trapper Profile – Mike Midkiff

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Today we will be featuring one our our local trappers Mike Midkiff. Mike has over 30 years experience trapping in south Alabama. After taking a break for a few years he has gotten back into trapping with the fur market at all time highs. Mike has a full time job so he generally runs a line close to home so he can get up early and check the line before work and at night does all his work in the fur shed.

Mike has been running his line for 3 weeks and I have posted his results below. Majority of the sets he has used has been dirt hole sets.

22 – Raccoons
11 – Opossums
5 – Skunks
2 – Grey Fox
1 – Coyote

Baits and Lures Used:
Coon Catcher
Jack Mackerel
Black Magik Crayfish Bait
Predator Supreme Bait
K-9 Call Lure
Grey Fox 102
Canine Select
Coyote Urine
Otter Lure Supreme

Traps Used:
Duke 1.5 Coil Spring Foot Trap
Duke 1.75 Coil Spring Foot Trap

Predator Supreme Bait

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Fleming Traps Predator Supreme Bait is a predator bait with the perfect blend of red meats that have been perfectly aged with select ingredients and fixatives which have been added for maximum attraction. Works great on Red Fox, Grey Fox, Coons & Coyotes.

Predator Supreme Bait is used by Fur Trappers and by government and private Animal Damage Control Specialists nationwide. This bait works great in cage traps and just about any set you can think of. Great All Around Bait ! 6 oz. Jar.

Predator Supreme Bait 6 oz. $5.30

Coyote Trapping Kit – Standard

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Check out our new Coyote Trapping Kit. These trapping kits can be purchased as a standard or a deluxe.They can be a great gift or a starter kit for any trapper. This Coyote Trapping Kit includes the following.

FREE! Schrade Tough Tool & Hat With Purchase of Any Standard Trapping Kit! FREE ! Uncle Henry Knife and Hat With Purchase of Any Deluxe Trapping Kit !

Coyote Trapping Kit – Standard – $98.50
Coyote Trapping Kit Deluxe – $198.50

2 – #2 Coil Spring Trap
2 – #3 Coil Spring Trap
1 – Coyote Urine 16 oz.
1 – Coyote Lure #4 1 oz.
1 – K-9 All Call Lure 1 oz.
1 – Red Label Predator Bait 8 oz.
1 – Land Sets Book
1 – Trap Wax 1 lbs.
1 – Trap Dye Liquid
1 – Trap Tags
1 – Wood Sifter
1 – Hat

Fleming Traps Lures Now Available

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Fleming Traps now has all the lures that you will need this trapping season available and we are adding new lures everyday. We currently have lures from Dobbins, Pete Rickard, Kaatz Brothers and our very own line of lures. Please take time to look around our site  for competitive prices on lures and urines. You can never have too many types of lures during season. Here is a list of the new Fleming Traps Lures available and their prices.

Coyote Lure
Red Fox Gland Lure
Beaver Castor Lure
Beaver Food Lure
Coon Catcher Lure
Shellfish Oil Lure
Bobcat Lure
K-9 Call Lure

1 OZ. Lures Only $4.85 – 4 oz. Lures Only $14.85