Dog Proof Raccoon Trapping – Ztrap Dog Proof Coon Trap

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The Dog Proof Raccoon Trap is one of the best selling raccoon traps on the market and we decided to test out the Ztraps version and make a video for our customers. In this video we used all three color variations of the Ztrap. They come in White, Brown and Camouflage. We used 9 total traps ( 3 of each color ) at 3 separate locations.

We baited the traps with a mixture of corn, high protein dog food, marshmallows and Coon Catcher Lure. Traps were staked down with Berkshire Disposable stakes and attached to the cable with a quick link.

The traps were left out for 5 days and we caught 2 opossums and 3 raccoons. The three coons were caught on a brown, white and camo trap. Take a look at the video below at the 5:00 mark for raccoons caught.

Ztrap Dog Proof Raccoon Traps – Click Here
Ztrap ZCap – Click Here
Berkshire Diposable Stakes – Click Here
Coon Catcher Lure – Click Here

52 Serving Prepper Pack Emergency Food Supply

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52 Serving Prepper Pack

• Great Taste – To ensure optimal taste, texture and nutritional value, our entrees consists of both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients.
• Extended Shelf Life – Up to 25 years
• Quick Cook – Add water and ready to eat in 12 to 15 minutes
• Smart Packaging – Ready-made meals are packaged in mylar pouches, and then encased in durable plastic containers thus preserving food and eliminating waste
• Lightweight and Condensed
• Grab and Go Food Kits – Packaged in durable plastic containers providing a stackable design, added protection to meals, and ease of grab and go in case of emergency
• Affordable – Gourmet emergency meals at the best price!

Package Includes
• Chili Macaroni (4 servings)
• Savory Stroganoff (4 servings)
• Tomato Basil Soup (4 servings)
• Creamy Pasta & Veg. (4 servings)
• Apple Cinnamon Crereal (4 servings)
• Brown Sugar Multi-Grain (4 servings)
• Orange Drink Mix (16 servings)
• Whey Milk Alternative (12 servings)

50 Serving Prepper Pack Emergency Food Supply $64.95

Wise Ultimate 7 Day Emergency Meal Kit

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Each Wise Company 7-Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit 01-858 contains 3 servings per day for 1 adult for 7 days with 2,000+ calories per day and 100g+ protein per day.

Wise Company 7-Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kits are perfect for any unplanned emergency. Each of the Wise Company Emergency Food readymade meals are packed in airtight, nitrogen-packed Mylar pouches, and then encased in easy to carry, stackable, durable plastic containers. The unique packaging process removes the majority of the residual oxygen through a nitrogen flushing practice. This allows the Wise Company 7-Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kits to carry up to 25 years of shelf life, with absolutely no rotation needed. That’s right – 25 year shelf life!

Products within the Wise Company 7-Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit 01-858 bucket include:

Breakfast and Drink: 30 Servings

• Apple Cinnamon Cereal: (6 Servings)
• Crunchy Granola: (8 servings)
• Orange Delight Drink Mix: (16 Servings) – High Electrolyte

Lunch & Dinner Entrees: 28 Servings

• Lasagna with Meat: (4 Servings)
• Teriyaki Chicken and Rice: (4 Servings)
• Creamy Chicken with Vegetables and Pasta: (6 Servings)
• Chili Mac with Beef: (6 Servings)
• Noodles and Beef in Savory Mushroom Sauce: (4 Servings) Pasta Alfredo with

Chicken: (4 Servings) Wise Company 7-Day Ultimate Emergency Meal Kit 01-858 Highlights

• Real USDA approved meat
• Made in the USA
• Grab and Go bug-out bucket
• Extended shelf-life (25 years)

Wise Ultimate 7 Day Emergency Kit $124.99

MB-450 Fox Foot Trap

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Made in the United States Of America With Pride ! The Minnesota Brand traps are made for trappers by trappers.

The MB-450-FOX version has all of the features of the 450-FH except lighter. 125 diameter American made music wire springs and 3 crunch proof swivels in the chain instead of two. The FOX version was built upon request from some of the nations top fox men. It is a #1 1/2 size trap but built to hold the meanest, nastiest coyote. Outside jaw spread is 5″ and inside jaw spread 4 3/8″. The 450 has 5/16 thick, smooth closed cast jaws. Features include a Paws-I-Trip Pan with night latched dog heavy levers, #2 American made chain, crunch proof swivels, and a 2 piece gusseted frame for strength and reliability.

MB-450 Fox Foot Trap: ($17.95 Each 12 or More: $16.95)

MB-650 OS Trap Offset Jaw Foot Trap

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Made in the United States Of America With Pride ! The Minnesota Brand traps are made for trappers by trappers.

If you are looking for the perfect coyote trap that is designed specifically for coyotes then the MB-650 is the trap you need. Just dye and wax these traps and they’re ready to go! Virtually anything that you could possibly want done to a trap to make it coyote proof is wrapped up here in one neat package. The MB-650 is heavy duty from top to bottom and comes with 1/4″ offset jaws and a 6 1/8″ inside jaw spread.

The MB-650 is 4-coiled, base plated, center swiveled and has an extra heavy duty oversized pan which provides for a huge kill area. The pan tension is adjustable with a #10 brass pan bolt. Both heavy jaws are held down by the trigger system which will keep any animal from flipping up a loose jaw. The dog has a “step-down” notch milled into it that gives you an audible click when you’re lowering the pan. We’ve of course installed our MB Crunch Proof Swivels and heavy duty American-made chain to top it off. * The MB-650, designed by trappers for trappers with animal comfort in the forefront.

MB-650 OS Trap Offset Jaw Foot Trap (Each – $20.50 12 Or More $19.60)

How To Wax Traps

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We get many calls about waxing traps and I have put together this article and video in hopes that it will answer any questions you might have. In this video we used two different methods of waxing traps. We used the Double Boiler Method System and the Traditional Method of using your existing logwood solution. Both methods work well it just depends and whichever you prefer. I personally prefer the double boiler method. I feel like it does a better job.

How To Wax Traps

Benefits of Waxing Traps: Waxing your traps will help keep the odor of the dye down to a minimal level so not to spook off any wary target animals, it will also help speed your trap up and it will operate much smoother. Waxing traps will help protect your traps when you are using any antifreeze or salt that would cause corrosion to the trap.

Choosing Trap Wax: When choosing a trap wax make sure that you get a trap wax that has no beeswax in it. The beeswax will cause the wax on your trap to harden and chip in cold conditions. I recommend the Petes Best Trap Wax that can be found in 1 lbs. and 5 lbs. bars. If you are using the Double Boiler Method then you will need 5-10 lbs. of wax. The traditional method you can use the 1 lbs. bar of wax.

Trap Dye: You will need to make sure you have dyed your traps. Instructions on Dyeing your traps can be found on our previous post with video. How To Dye Your Traps

1. Double Boiler Method: If you decide to use the double boiler method you will need a heat source ( I used a Fry Daddy Stand), 2 Pots ( 1 smaller than the other so it can fit inside with about 1-2 inch apart), small metal spacer (to put in the bottom of the 1st pot so the 2nd pot doesn’t sit directly on the bottom) and Wax.

The reason behind using two pots and boiling water is so that your wax does not heat up till the point of catching fire. Wax is very flammable and it has a low flash point. By heating the wax up with the boiling water you know that the wax will never reach its flash point and catch fire. Water Boils at 212 degrees. The flash point of wax can range from 250 to 400 degrees.

2. Before dipping traps in dye solution make sure you put a nail or stick in between the jaws to hold them open.

3. Once you have your wax at a liquid state then you can dip your trap in the wax. I would leave the trap in the wax for 2 minutes then take your trap out and hang it up to cool off.

1. Traditional Method Using Existing Logwood Solution You have your logwood solution already heated up so you can place a bar of wax in the solution and let it melt. At that point just dip your traps in the solution and pull your traps back through the wax that should be sitting on top of the water (wax floats on water even in liquid form)

2. Before dipping traps in dye solution make sure you put a nail or stick in between the jaws to hold them open.

3. Once you have your traps hung up and cooled off then you can place them in a container with leaves and your all done !

Logwood Trap Dye Powder

Logwood Trap Dye Liquid

Trap Wax