Raccoon Trapping In New York City

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Here is an article I found this morning by CBS New York. It details the growing problem by New York City residents that are dealing with a large population of raccoons. These resident raccoons are even to the point of intimating homeowners and trying to get in their homes. Raccoons pose a growing problem to people living in the city. There is not very much trapping in the city other than pest control companies. When you have that with amble supply of food then you have an increase in population.

Link To News Report: Frustrated Residents: Raccoons Slowly Taking Over New York City

The best way to remove a raccoon that is giving you problems is to use a Live Animal Trap. It is much cheaper than hiring a pest control company to remove the animal for you. They can charge up to $200 – $500 to remove the raccoon. Generally you will pay no more than $75 for a trap and all the bait you will need. This is much more cost effective and you can reuse the trap for years to come. Also a raccoon is not very hard to catch. This article states they used cat food and did not catch a single raccoon. If you use the right bait you should have no problem getting him in the trap.

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Here is the link to the CBS New York Video: Raccoons in New York City