Wooden and Metal Trapping Sifters

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Trapping Sifters are a must on any trappers line. Both the wood and metal sifter work well for the task. The metal sifter has a sharper edge so if you need to dig some nearby dirt it works really well. The wooden sifter is a bit more economical and a little smaller.

Wooden Trapping Sifter: 7 x 9 wood frame dirt sifter has a 1 / 4 mesh screen and features sturdy construction for long life and efficiency. A must have for any trapper!

Metal Trapping Sifter: The Metal Sifter is excellent for land trappers in making land sets. This sifter is 8″ x 10″

Wooden Trapping Sifter $9.80

Metal Trapping Sifter $11.15